Quality Assurance


The Education Quality Assurance Center (EQAC) was founded in 2008 aiming at introducing and implementing reforms at the University given the Bologna process.

The Center

  • Coordinates the process of the introduction to the national and European standards of quality at the University.
  • Organizes and supervises the strategic planning, regulations, rules of functioning, development of guidelines of the University and its departments.
  • Guides the review and revision of study programs, based on the ever-changing needs of labor market and study of international best practices of leading universities.
  • Promotes implementation of relevant and best practices in teaching and learning methods.
  • Contributes to the introduction and strengthening of student-centered learning.
  • Coordinates trainings of the academic, student support and administrative staff.
  • Studies and points out the needs of the stakeholders of the University, contributes to the solution to the existing problems.
  • Promotes formation and development of quality culture at all the departments, planning work according to the principle of plan-do-check-act  (PDCA), rooting of mechanisms of accountability with unwavering adherence to the rules of ethics.
  • Contributes to the deepening and strengthening of international relations and service to society, rating and increasing good reputation of the HEI.

Hence, the EQAC continues to carry out its activities directed to the improvement of education quality by involving internal and external stakeholders of the University.