The purpose of the OBS&GYN Chair activity  is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills for assessing the condition and functioning of a woman’s reproductive function, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture of her disorders, as well as diagnosis, conservative and surgical management.

To ensure the proper quality of teaching in the framework of the department, the following is carried out:

  • Introduction of modern pedagogical and professional technical means the provision of educational materials in electronic form for a deeper understanding of the materials received and increase the effectiveness of independent work.
    Presentation and analysis of Thematic patients during lectures, which gives students the opportunity to actively participate in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, as well as participate in childbirth, various manipulations, dressings both day and night.
  • Apart from participating in clinical practice, teaching theoretical materials, discussions and analysis, the department teaches the accurate management of medical documents, as well as pediatric and gynecological and pediatric deontological aspects.
  • Regular updating of thematic programs to include the results of the latest scientific research, as well as continuous methodological improvement.
  • Conducting regular meetings with individual groups of students, during which students’ proposals on the teaching material and the learning process are discussed.

    The clinical base of the department is the Medical Center “Grikor Narekatsi” with obstetric-gynecological and neonatological services equipped with modern standards.

       In addition, students of the department are given ample opportunities to practice multiple practical skills in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Simulation Center:

  1. examination of the external and internal genital organs,
  2.  inspection in the mirrors
  3. gynecological bimanual examination (vaginal-abdominal, vinal-rectal, recto-abdominal)
  4. installation and removal of the intrauterine device
  5. studying the structure of the female pelvis in obstetric terms
  6. manual positioning of the fetus with additional options of applying the techniques of Leopold Lazarevich (fetal model),
  7. verification of the dynamics of the opening of the cervix?
  8. all stages of the bio-mechanisms of labor in the head and pelvic presentation
  9. incision and suturing of the vulva with episiotomy
  10. the product of incisions and the imposition of surgical sutures and dressings at Caesarean Section.
  11. catheterization of the bladder etc.

The learning process is recorded on video cameras for the purpose of subsequent analysis and correction of mistakes made by students.

The training simulation center is constantly updated with new exhibits and components of the most  modernized models.

Head: Torosyan Eva

E-mail: evatorosyan@gmail.com


Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology

The Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology implements educational activity by providing Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs in two specialties: Pedagogy & Methodology and Psychology.

In the sphere of scientific research activity of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology, the following research directions are dominant: Primary Education Pedagogy, Pedagogical individual-directed Technologies, Social Pedagogy and Psychology, Pedagogy, Age, Clinical and Education Psychology.

In the Chair sessions the following issues are subject to discussion:

  • improvement of study programs;
  • modernization of syllabi;
  • review of tasks on mid-term, summative and final examinations and questionnaires;
  • assurance of students’ academic performance and education quality;
  • summary of mid-term, summative and final examination results;
  • introduction of scientific and methodological news in the sphere of specialties and in scientific journals;
  • results of class observations (including reciprocal class observations);
  • increase of students’ educational motivation;
  • issues of organizing working activities in the direction of career orientation among pupils.

The research activities of students who study the specialties provided by the Chair are especially manifested in the fulfillment of final papers and master theses. The results of the state final attestation testify that the works are carried out with high level of quality, independently, by ensuring profoundness and proper level of set problems.

The students actively participate in the activities of the Student Scientific Association, and their research works are published in the collections of materials of the international conference held for young scientists and students of Yerevan Haybusak University.

Head: Hayk Petrosyan

PhD, Doctor, Professor

E-mail: hahapet@rambler.ru

Chair of Russian Language and World Literature

The aim of the Chair’s activity is to educate the generation fostering not only the acquisition of strong knowledge but also the formation of spiritual values by means of taught subjects (World Literature, Russian Language). The cultural events frequently organized by the Chair’s teaching staff contribute to the development of students’ world view in the spiritual sphere.  

Head: Natalie Gonchar-Khanjyan

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: nat37gon@gmail.com


Chair of Normal Physiology and Pathology

The goal of the Chair is to pay great attention to the improvement of education quality, investment of educational contemporary methods, preparation of professionals meeting current requirements and to their moral-psychological development process; to introduce them the scientific research modern technical methods and latest professional literature, to arouse interest among students towards the taught subjects.

The following subjects are taught at the Chair: Normal Physiology of the Human, Pathological Physiology, and Pathological Anatomy. The studies are carried out through lectures, laboratory classes and seminars. The classrooms are equipped with necessary devices for demonstration of interactive materials. There are microscopes, prepared materials, posters; there are also appropriate equipment, solutions, surgical instruments for laboratory work (from the subject of Physiology).

According to the contract signed with  L. A. Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS of RA, in two laboratories the students are introduced to modern methods of physiological research, participate in the program experiments of potentials online registration in line with the taught subjects, and take classes in morgues in the scope of the subject of Pathology.

Having knowledge on the physiological rules of interaction between different organs, the students can combine the knowledge gained during the classes of Pathological Physiology, analyze and further apply their combination, to distinguish deviations from the norms and to return to the normal state in the dynamics of disease treatment at the clinic during the studies of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases. The above mentioned is essential for the formation of clinical mindset and for becoming a physician-professional. At the Chair, lectures held according to the schedule, presentation of individual works, provision of reports in Student Scientific Association conferences are also aimed at the preparation of students with constant, rich knowledge.

Head: Zubeyda Avetisyan


E-mail: zubeida.avetisyan@gmail.com


Chair of Biology, Medical Genetics, Histology, Cytology and Embryology

The Chair gives importance to the investment and development of higher education reforms and education credit system.

The activities carried out in the Chair are aimed at the following objectives:

  1. to prepare highly qualified specialists versed in the methods for the scientific-educational system;
  2. to provide conditions for efficient organization of the learning process: laboratories equipped with modern material and technical base, sources of professional information;
  3. to create appropriate conditions for effective operation of the student-centered learning system;
  4. to carry out scientific-methodological and scientific-research activities in the prioritized directions of the Chair, to create conditions for education quality assurance;
  5. to expand the scope of international cooperation by establishing links with foreign universities and scientific centers;
  6. to collaborate with career centers to ensure the alumni with jobs in their professional field.

Chair of Human Normal and Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery

The aim of the Chair’s activity is to introduce the students to the characteristics of the anatomical structure of different parts of the human body, to the interconnection of different anatomical units (vessels, nerves, tendons); to the anatomical structure based on autopsy material (practical courses); to the ratio of tissue layers to each other by means of taught subjects. The students will also be introduced to the basic surgical skills; groups of surgical tools; knot, tissue separation and connection principles; some surgeries and their technical peculiarities. In addition, they will also develop the skills of using professional literature.

The Chair bases are located in the following institutions: Chair of Anatomy of the University, Scientific Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Morgue of the Chair of Pathology and Forensic Medicine.  

Head: Eduard Avagyan


E-mail: edodoc@inbox.ru

Chair of Rehabilitation and Traditional Medicine

The Aim of the Class

  • Formation of a conceptual approach to rehabilitation medicine among students, as well as formation of overall understanding of ways, opportunities, and methods of rehabilitation medicine.
  • Introduction on the possibilities of traditional and alternative medicine in the process of stimulating natural healing of organism.


The Objectives of the Class

  • To teach students basic theoretical and practical provisions of folk, traditional and alternative medicine, as well as folk, traditional, and alternative medicine remedies and methods for prevention and treatment of the most common diseases.
  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge on human health management, in particular, on provision and organization of rehabilitation assistance for the purpose of preventing pathological processes of patients lacking functional body resources after illnesses, traumas and surgical interference.


The Content of the Class

In the formation period of the Chair, the staff members carried out respective activities in the sphere of organizing the educational process of rehabilitation, traditional and alternative medicine based on the research of experience of corresponding Russian, US and European centers and chairs.

Rehabilitation medicine is a system of scientific knowledge and practical activity that is directed to the restoration of human functional resources which can decrease under unfavorable influence caused by the human activity and environmental factors or as a result of diseases and surgical interferences. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the term rehabilitation as such: “Rehabilitation is a set of measures allowing people having dysfunctions caused by illnesses, traumas, and congenital malformations to adapt to new life conditions in the society they live in.” As a type of medical assistance, rehabilitation medicine incorporates such services as the diagnosis of the initial stage of development of the illness, the risks and the early stages of the illness, as well as recovery and rehabilitation measures.

Head: Vahan Avagyan

PhD, Associate Professor

Chair of Armenian Language and Literature

Since the first year of its formation, the Chair of Armenian Language and Literature has led a knowledge-based, student-centered and quality education policy.

The teachers of the Chair teach not only Armenian Language and Literature in difficult faculties but also related subjects such as “Armenian Language and Terminology”, “Speech Culture”, “Armenian Language and its Teaching Methodology”, “Theory of Literature Studies”, “Children’s Literature and its Teaching Methodology”, etc.

The staff members of the Chair have been actively leading scientific-pedagogical activities for years. They have supervised research papers, have authored numerous articles and monographs, and are involved in activities relating to the issues of the Armenian language and Armenian literature teaching methodology.

The role of the Chair of Armenian Language and Literature is significant in the national education, literary-artistic thinking, especially in the field of training elementary school teachers-specialists. The Armenian language is taught at a proper level to foreign students of the Faculty of Medicine as well; in this respect, considerable success has been achieved. The Chair encourages different students with high academic performance and also involves them in scientific conferences organized by the University.

The Chair of Armenian Language and Literature is the organizer of educational-informative events held at the University, and it actively collaborates with house-museums, the Writers’ Union, creative organizations, centers of Armenian studies, the NAS Institute of Literature, House-Museum of Avetik Isahakian.

The Chair has a series of strategic goals among which the followings are prioritized: revision of study programs in accordance with the new requirements of the Quality Assurance Center; modernization of measures taken towards distance learning, revision of lists of compulsory and elective courses involved in study programs in line with the requirements of the labor market.

Head: Naira Balayan

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: nairamelsiki@gmail.com 

Chair of Law

The Chair of Law pursues the aim to prepare lawyers with necessary knowledge, skills and competences in compliance with the requirements of national and international labor markets who will become high-quality professionals in various fields of Law.

Student-centered teaching gives an opportunity to organize classes on projects and real cases, ensuring flexible educational modules and the possibility to continue education further on. The Law Clinic greatly contributes to this and it has signed a cooperation memorandum with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Armenia /UNHCR/ and “Mission Armenia” charity NGO, based on which it carries out “Law for All: Street Law” and “Refugee Rights” programs. Within the frames of these programs the students of the Clinic visit high schools and colleges, conduct seminar-discussions on international and intrastate rights of refugees for pupils and pedagogues. These programs contribute to the raising of awareness and legal conscience among teenagers and pedagogues, and the students enhance their theoretical knowledge and at the same time develop practical skills and competences. This increases students’ responsibility towards their education, career, capacity building and acquisition of learning outcomes of the study programs.