The Erasmus+ projects funded by the EU, namely Erasmus Mundus, Credit Mobility projects are well known to the academic community. Any educational institution which implements modern education strives to participate in any project or program of Erasmus+ as far as international cooperation is one of the important preconditions for ensuring high quality of education. The Erasmus+ provides an exceptional opportunity to universities, students and teachers to participate in exchange programs and to make joint scientific research. The aim of the Erasmus+ is to foster education quality, to enhance cultural relations, to promote trainings and exchange of students, teachers and administrative staff members across Europe and in adjacent countries.

As far as the Erasmus+ is a non-profit project, it offers the universities to participate in programs or projects which are aimed at education quality assurance and enhancement, as well as provides grants and funding to teachers and students who are involved in exchange and research projects.

Yerevan Haybusak University has been awarded Erasmus+ grant project which is implemented jointly with Tallinn Health Care College. Within the framework of the project the exchange of students and teachers of the Faculty of Medicine is ensured, joint conferences are organized, etc. The selection of teachers is made based on their professional competences and knowledge of foreign language. In case of selection of students, the credits and high proficiency in English are taken into account. The selection is made on a competitive basis.

The participants of the Tallinn project have recently organized the “Joint International Week” devoted to international relations, public relations and marketing, academic issues, librarianship, consultancy and language center. The representatives of Haybusak University presented the activities of respective departments, innovative principles and approaches. The project gives students and teachers an opportunity to improve and develop their professional skills and to ensure high level of qualification.

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