The workshop on «Publishing Research Internationally: a Step by Step guide for Armenian Researchers»

In September-December 2020 took place the workshop on «Publishing Research Internationally: a Step by Step guide for Armenian Researchers» During three days of an informative and interactive workshop, lecturers, master, and PhD students obtained theoretical and practical knowledge regarding general principles of producing high-quality research, avoiding plagiarism, using scientific networks and platforms and etc.

Within the workshop the participants asked various questions on how to find relevant topics for research, collecting data, and get acquainted with reading appropriate literature for their next research paper. Within the interactive workshop, the participants were very active and one of them raised the question about the numerous advantages of publishing an article or a scientific paper in English taking into consideration up-to-date requirements in the research world, specifically high competition among researchers. Moreover, taking into account the fact that different specializations have various methodologies of publishing an article one of the students asked a question concerning the peculiarities of a scientific paper in the sphere of management. The response of the speaker Diana Balasanyan provided an opportunity to acquire solid replicable knowledge on methodology and specificities in this direction. Moreover, by presenting some parts of the article the speaker highlighted the main inaccuracies and provided practical advice on how to correct the mentioned disadvantages.

The dean of the faculty of Law Geghetsik Grigoryan, Director of the Education Queslity Assurance Center Eva Torosyan, dean of the faculty of Economics Anna Harutyuntyan and other lecturers were very interested in involving more students in the process of writing a scientific paper, which will be very useful, effective for them in terms of gaining accurate knowledge on how to write high-quality, competitive articles and pave their future career path. At the end of the workshop, all participants were really motivated to continue to further enhance their skills of publishing a high-quality article.

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