“The Importance of Scientific Writing and Research for Medical Students” discussion-based interactive webinar

The department of International Relations of Yerevan Haybusak university on December 21st, 2020 organized a discussion-based interactive webinar for medical students. Taking into consideration the fact, that research-based and result oriented writing is an essential component of a medical student’s practise that should be learned and developed in an early academic career YHU decided to provide an opportunity to its and also the medical students of its international partners from India, Ukraine and Tajikistan to accumulate knowledge regarding this crucial topic and receive useful practical answers to their concerned questions.

Since the submission and final publication in peer-reviewed journals are the culmination of a study, complementing the education and knowledge of young researchers the lecturer Alex B. Woodman introduced critical features and important aspects of scientific writing and research by actively involving students and simultaneously providing fulfilling responses to their questions.

Students asked various questions and received useful and practical information regarding the structure of the scientific writing, deductive and inductive methods of research, choosing the right topic, utilization of databases and electronic resources.

Foreign students of Yerevan Haybusak University were specifically interested in international labour market criteria. That is why the lecturer in his speech highlighted that in order to be competitive a modern labour market a graduate should have at least one scientific article which will certainly increase his or her opportunities to penetration easier into labour market taking into account up-to-date tendencies. 

Besides the above mentioned vital questions, students gained information also about different questions concerning scientific research and writing, which they surely will put into practice in their future career.

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