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Research periodical of Yerevan "Haybusak" University

Dear Colleagues,


Research articles are being accepted for the publication of the next issue of the research periodical of Yerevan Haybusak University. Papers submitted for publication are accepted until June 15, 2021. Research reports presented by the university academic staff as well as by research groups from other institutions can be submitted for publication in the university journal.

To be published in the journal, the original work must meet the following criteria and requirements:

1) The volume of the article is up to 10 pages.

2) Print the title in three languages (Armenian, Russian, English) uppercase (orientation: center), font in bold.

3) Inside: author’s name, surname, position, name of the organization, academic degree, title.

4) Page size: A5 (14.8×21.0 cm).

5) Font for Armenian language publications: GHEA Grapalat (Armenian Unicode), for English-Russian publications: Times New Roman.

6) Font size: 12.

7) Line spacing: 1 (Single).

Borders: 2 cm 

9) Page:

  1. footer
  2. Orientation: center.

10) References used are given in square brackets with a unified sequential numbering, for example: [1];

11) The manuscript body text is followed by a list of references. At the end of the article, in the “references” section, the list of references is presented in the same order, in 12 fonts, in the original language. The order number (without square brackets), title of the publication, name of the publisher, place (city), year, page (s) are indicated next. For periodicals, the author name and title of the work are followed by the title of the periodical without quotation marks, date of publication, volume and / or issue numbers, location, serial number and page (s). In case of electronic sources, the full names of authors, the title of the work, the full website address (link) are indicated.

12) Names of the authors, the “Summary” and “Keywords” are presented after the list of literature in three languages (Armenian, Russian և English) – no more than 250 words.

13) Summaries are followed by information about the author. It is required to be submitted in three languages according to the appendix.

14) Figures are submitted electronically, inserted in the article in the WORD document as images (paste special / as picture) and as EXCEL file (in the cases of diagrams). The links to the pictures in the article are abbreviated. for example, as follows in Fig. 4 “.


Full name of authors (without abbreviations)

Work place

Position, degree, title

Article title:

Working address:

E-mail, Address:

Phone number (working, mobile)

Send your research works (original research, reviews) to research department by June 15, haybusaksci@gmail.com 

and tigpetrosyan@mail.ru

If you have any questions about the articles in the newsletter, please contact tigpetrosyan@mail.ru