“Haybusak” University hosted a delegation led by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Farhadi. First the members of the delegation talked with the leadership team of the University about the steps aimed at the development of Armenian-Iranian relations.

Anahit Harutyunyan, President of the International Academy of Education, briefly presented the guests the journey of the University, highlighting the natural course of development of relations with Iran.

She also mentioned that the collaboration of the University with the Iranian Embassy in Armenia has also been very productive, and the relations have long been amicable, friendly, creative and educational. A. Harutyunyan informed that the university has always participated in almost all the cultural and literary events organized by the Embassy. Moreover, every year, (except for the past two years) 1-3 students from the Institute of Oriental Studies with the funding of the Embassy go to Tehran for visiting several universities and learning the language, culture and literature. A. Harutyunyan expressed gratitude to the Embassy and mentioned that the Iranian Embassy in Armenia contributed to the establishment of ties between “Haybusak” and Universities and schools of Iran. “The embassy is also famous for its competitions held in different universities, and the students of our university have always won the first place in these competitions. Besides, I must say with pleasure that our Orientalists easily find their place in the labor market both in Armenia and abroad, which indicates that the level of knowledge of the language is high at the University,” she said.

Ahmad Khaleghi Najad Tabari, Secretary of the Professional Development Council of Medical Sciences, also highlighted the importance of such meetings, stressing that these kinds of meeting formats contribute to the development of relations and the further development of cooperation. He also said that the Ministry of Healthcare in Iran is separate from the Ministry of Education; and scientific research is under the control of the Ministry of Healthcare.

According to him, Iran has been one of the first countries in the past two years that has made progress in the field of research. “We will be happy to collaborate with universities in other countries. We got acquainted with your university and we were interested in it, so we are always ready to cooperate,” said Tabari.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the delegation took a campus tour at “Haybusak”, visited the classroom of Iranian Studies and talked with the Iranian students. The guests did not leave the university empty-handed.