Memos, minutes and decisions

Memos, Minutes and Decisions

 M01  Session of the Ethics Committee 06.05.2022 
 M02  Minutes of YHU Student council 04.05.2022 
 M03  Discussion on the Vision, Directions and Goals of YHU Strategic Plan 03.05.2022 
 M04  Discussion on SWOT Analysis 25.04.2022 
 M05  Discussion on EKKA 2019 Recommendations 21․04․ 2022 
 M06  Discussion of the update of YHU study programmes 19․04․2022 
 M011   Decision on Changes to Study Programmes 26․04․2022 

Discussion on the Modification of Study Programmes 26.04.2022 

M013 Operational Plan Discussion 26.12.2022
M014 HAKA Meeting 17.02.2023
M015 HAKA Anti Plagiarism Library Regulation draft 13.03.2023
M015 HAKA  Disscussion of Annexes 15.03.2023