This year our educational institutions – Haybusak University and Armenian Open University, celebrate their 20th anniversary. Yerevan Haybusak University, Armenian Open University, Institute of International Relations after Lazarian, Academy of Television and Radio Broadcasting, Roslin Design Institute, basic college and high school of Haybusak University have launched another academic year on 1 September which, however, is not an ordinary one.

In the current year the higher education institutions of the International Academy of Education (IAE) have prepared over 1200 graduates in the spheres of Medicine, International Relations, Oriental Studies, Design, Drawing, Television Broadcasting, Law, Economics, Foreign Languages and Pedagogy, and some of the graduates continue their postgraduate education, some others are successfully employed. Today, on the eve of the new academic year, the educational institution is proud to mention about the achievements of the jubilee year.

For the first time in Armenia the training of specialists of higher education institutions in compliance with the European standards was launched, which was implemented by the IAE Quality Assessment Center. More than ten agreements were signed with a number of leading educational institutions of Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Iran, Canada, Russia and the USA.

Within the framework of the events devoted to the 20th anniversary of the educational institution, the IAE high school graduates of Armenia have the opportunity to study abroad for the first time. Besides, a row of cultural, sports and intellectual events, contests, meetings, victories and achievements have been registered. “We are not satisfied with what we have achieved and we always strive for more” – this is the slogan which the IAE follows already 20 years as far as the key to progress is the wish of every person to get educated.

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