Simulation center

Things To Know First

The internal policy of НAYBUSAK University is continually directed at improving the quality of education and ensuring Learning outcomes. The University’s training simulation center was created in 2019 to increase the effectiveness of specialist training and to develop practical diagnostic skills and therapeutic measures.

The center is equipped with modern teaching aids and technologies: simulators, simulator mannequins, electronic phantoms, dummy models and other interactive equipment, as well as real medical instruments.

University Simulation Center consists of 4 departments։

1) Department of internal diseases and resuscitation (dummies and electronic phantoms for teaching the processes of auscultation, palpation, percussion in normal and pathological conditions, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, endotracheal intubation, as well as many other Intensive care, First aid and  Patient care)

2) Department of surgery (models, models for developing skills in applying surgical sutures and dressings, drainage of wounds and cavities, the product of individual stages of various surgical interventions)

3) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which provides ample opportunities for implementation

  • examination of the external and internal genital organs,
  • inspection in the mirrors,
  • gynecological bimanual examination (vaginal-abdominal, vinal-rectal, recto-abdominal),
  • installation and removal of the intrauterine device,
  • studying the structure of the female pelvis in obstetric terms,
  • manual positioning of the fetus with additional options of applying the techniques of Leopold Lazarevich (fetal model),
  • verification of the dynamics of the opening of the cervix,
  • all stages of the bio-mechanisms of labor in the head and pelvic presentation,
  • incision and suturing of the vulva with episiotomy,
  • the product of incisions and the imposition of surgical sutures and dressings at Caesarean Section,
  • catheterization of the bladder.

4) Department of Dentistry

      The learning process is recorded on video cameras for the purpose of subsequent analysis and correction of errors made by students.

      The training simulation center is constantly updated with new exhibits and components of the most modernised models.