How many years does the study last?

In all faculties the study programs are complied with the Bologna process. The duration of the BA study is 4 years after which the graduates can continue their education at MA degree which takes another 2 years. The duration of the PhD study is 3 years.

What diplomas do the graduates receive?

The graduates of all the faculties receive state diplomas as far as the faculties of Yerevan Haybusak University are accredited by the state. Our graduates are employed both in the Republic of Armenia and abroad.

In which fields can the graduates be employed?

Every graduate has an opportunity to be employed in leading public and private enterprises and institutions in the Republic of Armenia. The Alumni Career Center is in charge of graduates’ employment issues and so far it has ensured the employment of many graduates.

What languages can I study in the Faculty of Humanities? Can I study more than one language? Can I choose the language I prefer?

In respective departments of Yerevan Haybusak University the students can study second foreign language besides the first foreign one. For example, if the first foreign language is English, the student can study French, Spanish or German as a second foreign language for the given profession. The study of the second foreign language is mandatory but the applicant can always choose the language he/she wants to study.

Who teach at Yerevan Haybusak University?

The teaching staff involves the best professionals of Armenia. Along with venerable professors, there are also young promising teachers who get experience from respectable teachers.