“Roslin” Design Faculty

Faculty of Design

The Faculty of Fashion Design was established in 1991 in the structure of Open University of Armenia and with the initiative of academician Loris Kalashyan. In 2010, merging with the Roslin Design Institute, the Faculty of Fashion Design was renamed Faculty of Design and Cloth Modeling after Roslin. There are alumni both in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees programs. The teaching staff includes the best artists, art critics and culturologists of Armenia. The teachers and students of the Faculty participate in republic and international exhibitions, workshop, seminars, forums.

The students were awarded with the RA Presidential Award in 2007 and 2010.

The specializations in Roslin Design Faculty are:

  • Cloth Modeling (Fashion Design)
  • Design

The alumni get state diplomas.

Dean of the Faculty: Stepan Voskanyan, Member of the Designers’ Union