Institute of Medicine

Institute of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine was established along with the foundation of Haybusak University  in 1990 with the initiative of academician Levon Harutyunyan.

All the specialties of the Institute of Medicine of Haybusak University are licensed and accredited by the state.  

The clinical chairs of the Medical institute are located in the best medical clinical centers of Yerevan, stomatology clinics, scientific research institutes, pharmaceutical enterprises, and in the base clinic of the University where the clinical professional classes (lectures, practical courses, and educational production internships) are organized and where the students of senior years take their first steps in their professional field.  

The following specialties are available in the Institute:

  1. General Medicine
  2. Stomatology
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Ecology and Natural Resource Management (full- and part-time)

The alumni are engaged in scientific research, lecturing, organizational activities in the theoretical directions of Medical Science and Pharmacology both in Armenia and abroad.

The Alumni work in their professional field, continue the education in clinical residency and postgraduate studies. The best alumni are employed in the medical clinical and theoretical chairs of the University.

The alumni of the Faculty have achieved great success in our Republic and abroad, especially in the fields of practical medicine, stomatology, and pharmacology.   

The alumni get state diplomas.

Director: Dr. Yanina Marinosyan, Corresponding Member of the Medical-Technical Academy of RF

Tel. 010 390236

033 025503, 077 633605

Էլ․ փոստ՝ medical@haybusak.am