Today the Ambassador of India to Armenia Yogeshwar Sangwan paid an official visit to Yerevan Haybusak University. He was the third Ambassador of India to visit the University. The meeting-conference was titled “Towards the 70th Anniversary of Independence of India”. According to IAE president Anahit Harutyunyan, people holding the title of Honorary Doctor of the University are representatives in the spheres of science, politics, art, culture, as well as those who have shaped various universal values. Such people include the former president of Adjaria Aslan Abashidze, Head of the Department of Armenian Studies at the University of Ca’ Foscari, Venice, specialist in Armenian Studies, philosopher, member of Mkhitarian Congregation, Doctor Levon Zekian, Member of House of Lords of Great Britain and former vice speaker Caroline Cox, among others.

During the meeting Rector Suren Harutyunyan had a speech. He congratulated the Ambassador on the 70th anniversary of the independence of India wishing him fruitful activities in developing the relations between the two countries. During the conference teacher of the Faculty of International Relations and Law of the Lazaryan Institute of International Relations, Professor, Specialist on International Affairs, Diplomat Grigor Arakelyan delivered a keynote report. He mentioned that he had studied India, Indian culture and literature for years and that the Indian people were very special to him.  Ambassador Yogeshwar Sangwan thanked for the invitation and mentioned India had always had friendly relations with Armenia since immemorial times. He reminded those present about the Indian Prime Minister’s visit in April and of the new memorandum signed with Armenia by mentioning that it would provide a new perspective for the enlargement and development of the relations between the two countries. The Ambassador happily emphasized that Armenia cooperates with India in the spheres of politics, economy, culture, education, etc. According to his speech, even though the economic development level is not too high, they try to help our country in this perspective. The Ambassador also mentioned that the Embassy awarded scholarship to 278 young teachers and students. Anahit Harutyunyan encouraged Haybusak University students to be actively engaged in the scholarship award proposed by the Embassy.

The Indian students of the University have presented reports in today’s conference. It is noteworthy that the University has 100 students from India and the doctors who have graduated from Haybusak University work in different medical institutions in India. There are Indian teachers delivering lectures at Haybusak University.



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