On 25 May the representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of China visited A. Harutyunyan, President of the International Academy of Education (IAE); S. Mamikonyan, IAE Chief Director, and D. Balasanyan, Chief Editor of “Unitime” journal.

During the meeting a number of important agreements were made, Mr Tian Chanchu, Ambassador of China offered to provide scholarships for the IAE students, including 2 scholarships for the best students of the IAE in order to study in China. The award ceremony will start this year, and in 2012-2013 academic year the best students will go to China to study there. The “Unitime” journal in its turn initiates a series of articles devoted to China’s history, culture and economy.

            “The only goal we have is to have a mutually beneficial collaboration with Armenia and to disseminate Chinese culture across the world. This is the only reason I am here”, Ambassador of China Mr Tian Chanchu highlighted.

            “It is extremely important for us to cooperate with such a leading country as China is as far as the both sides have big perspectives. We are very thankful to Mr Ambassador for this meeting and his generous offer. On our side we will also elaborate a special proposal for Chinese students so that they can also study in our educational system under conditions which will be beneficial for them”, Minister of Education and Science A. Harutyunyan mentioned.

“The friendship between huge China and tiny Armenia is a big achievement for us, and I am sure that our friendship will be long-lasting, productive and will give mutually beneficial results”, S. Mamikonyan added.