The activities of the International Relations Department of YHU are aimed at promoting the smooth implementation of the priorities of the university’s internationalization process, in particular the realization of the mission of the university as a research and educational institution with a national-regional role.


Currently, university strives to become a leading scientific-educational institution which has international recognition and ensures high quality education in compliance with international standards, thus fostering educational, scientific and cultural collaboration with foreign universities, scientific and cultural organizations, expanding the scope of international mobility of students and teachers as well as enlarging foreign students’ involvement in the University.

The main objectives of International Relations department are the following:

  1. assurance of international direction of study programs,
  2. continuous improvement of quality of educational services,
  3. preparation of competitive specialists in accordance with international labor market requirements,
  4. internationalization of research activity and fundamental improvement of research quality,
  5. establishment of scientific collaboration with international leading higher education institutions (HEIs) and scientific centers, exchange of best practice,
  6. expansion and development of collaboration with leading foreign HEIs,
  7. reinforcement of educational and cultural collaboration with Diaspora,
  8. establishment of favorable environment for intercultural communication and enrooting of Armenian cultural and historical values among foreign students and those from Diaspora,
  9. establishment of mutual understanding, friendship and partnership among RA and other countries, reinforcement of educational, scientific and cultural relations,
  10. expansion of international mobility of students, including PhD students, teachers and administrative staff,
  11. assurance of quality and efficiency of management of the University’s strategy on internationalization.


As a result of the implementation of the internationalization policy of the university the number of foreign students has increased over the past four years.

Today, the university is one of the first universities in Armenia in terms of the number of foreign students.

The University fosters teachers’ and students international mobility (organization and financing of foreign language and other trainings, funding for participation in conferences as well as increase of salaries) and their collaboration with foreign universities and scientific centers. The indicators of teachers’ international mobility have shown the tendency of grow within the last 5 years. On annual average, about three dozens of teachers participate in diverse conferences; carry out research and creative activities in different foreign universities and scientific centers․


The inflow of mobility can be judged by the indicators of guest teachers. Currently the number of guest lecturers from India is 7, one per following countries – the USA, Iraq, Lebanon, Australia, as well as 3 specialists from Iran.


With the aim to continue education abroad, 19 students were transferred in 2015-2016, 24 – in 2016-2017 and 23 – in 2017-2018.


The activity of the Department of International Relations is directly linked with the Quality assurance processes of the University. According to the policy of internationalization and strategy of the University, a number of goals on QA are planned, namely:

  • preparation of competitive specialists in accordance with the needs of international labor market, based on research outcomes on benchmarking of study programs, requirements set for specialists’ qualitative indicators by foreign organizations, meetings with YHU international representatives, foreign partners and YHU alumni employed abroad,
  • internationalization of research activities and radical improvement of quality of research,
  • establishment of scientific collaboration with foreign leading HEIs and scientific centers, exchange of practice,
  • expansion of international mobility, including students, teachers and administrative staff,
  • assurance of quality and efficiency of management of YHU strategy on internationalization.



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